The 4th Annual Speedbowl & Pink Sock Awards

Posted by ZSN on January 1, 2010

2009 has come to an end! An entire decade is over! It’s been an interesting one to say the least! In the last decade alone, we have managed to graduate from high school, complete college, get a real jobs, and date several women (some crazy, some not)! However, tonight isn’t about the last decade, it’s all about 2009! It’s healthy to sit and reflect on our past. It helps to gain some perspective or look back and learn from our mistakes. It can let you know how lucky you are …if the year went well, anyway. Every year, Tom and HP give a review of the past year to see how it stacked up against the rest.

The Speedbowl Award is given to events, people, and places that deserve special recognition. It is named after the Life Philosophy of Speedbowling – don’t think, just do, and the results will always be good (and if they aren’t just do again, but faster!)

The Pink Sock Award is aimed at things that suck. It’s not a good thing and never do a Google image search for this.

The 2009 Speedbowl Awards Go To:

ZSN v3.01

The brand new Zero Shared Nickels unveiled over the summer. It allowed us more freedom to write as often as we wanted. It’s a welcome and very needed change. We hope it will open up further opportunities and maybe traffic (hint hint link us). As an extension, our real life excursions are growing as well! ZSN followed a successful Halloween Drink Spectacular with our 4th Annual SocioWeen party. Attendance was strong, property damage was low, and we even awarded T-shirts to the best dressed! Expect more events like this in the future!

George Bush Goes Bye Bye

Here’s the thing about George W. Bush: the only thing he has ever successfully accomplished was being a bastard. He was a lovely butt of all jokes, but ultimately he got in the way of things like freedom and justice. More practically, his various bills took away funding from schools that needed it and gave too much power to the federal government. It doesn’t matter what your stance on Obama is. I think we can all agree it’s nice to finally have the rest of the world hate us a little less. Plus, he looked like a monkey whose mother did drugs while pregnant with him.

Ghostbusters: 25 Years of Busting

This has been a good year to be a Ghostbusters fan. To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the release, the ‘Busters have found themselves with a all sorts of goodies! You can find an energy drink, which is actually pretty good. They had a new video game released on all major consoles and while it’s not amazing, the acting is funny and the proton action is worth it. The Boys in Gray also had 2 one-shot comic books coming out, Displaced Aggression and  Ghostbusters Past Present and Future (FYI: there was also the series Legion and The Other Side in recent years.) They also got several new lines of toys and there is serious talk of a new sequel (with the original cast)! It inspired me to dress up as a Ghostbuster for Halloween and write an article about the magic of Ghostbusters, which received 1,300 hits in one weekend alone.


National Novel Writing Month is insane, but in a good way. The goal is to write 50,000 words in 30 days (specifically, from November 1 – November 30).  2009 was my third year participating  (and winning), and was probably even more fun than the last few had been. At the height of it, I was attending 5 write-ins a week (that means 5 days a week, I was at one of those). The creative energy during that month is fantastic, and it always feel good to focus so much on a ridiculous project. Plus, you know…then you’ve written a novel.

Cooking with Wilber

“Cooking with Wilber / we are cooking too!” Cooking indeed! Initially conceived as a sequel to the ZSN Drink Spectacular Round 2 in 2008, Wilber was not released until 2009. Four videos have been released, as well as a DVD that is floating around somewhere. The little puppet has been received fairly well and I even used the latest video as my final in my Video Field Production class, which was met with a mix of confusion and laughter. I have people asking me from time to time when the next video will be up! So far there are about 2 more partially scripted and I have the intention of filming them all!

The 2009 Pink Sock Awards Go To:

The Celebrity Mortuary

Okay. Seriously? Why the fuck did so many famous people die this year? I was in California when I heard about Michael Jackson, Farah Fawcett, and Ed McMahon.  Specifically, I had heard about McMahon, then a couple days later woke up to the news in the paper about Farrah Fawcett, and later that day was looking at sea lions while I began hearing rumors (eventually confirmed) of Jackson. This, of course, was after Dom DeLuise. And not terribly long after, Billy Mays would be hawking crap in the sky. Patrick Swazye, Brittany Murphy, the souls of everyone connected with New Moon – this was not a good year to be famous. Well, at least we still have Mr. T.


Back in July I traveled to Seattle to reunite with my friends, the Mighty 4. On my last night out west, I somehow hurt my knee, tearing the meniscus and obliterating my PCL. After many visits to several doctors, a few X-rays, an MRI, a few weeks on crutches, and several months with a limp, I was still being bothered by my knee. A few weeks ago I had surgery (in a brace, still with a limp) and must restrengthen my leg (all over again). So, this little snafu turned into an injury that will effect me long after 2009 has ended.

Apartment Hunting: Bane of My Existence

I think we set a personal record this year. The last time we had to look at apartments, I saw something like 25. This year, we saw something closer to 40. It’s amazing how many bad apartments are out there, and even more amazing how much landlords charge for them. We saw apartments near a castle, in a former school building, one whose landlord was a big scary Irish dude, and one that may or may not have been haunted, depending on if you listened to the [awesome] Russian realtor we had that showed it to us. We did find a totally sweet new Sociodom3 in the end – and in the same neighborhood as the Sociodome de Brighton – but it was a source of constant pain while the search lasted. Well…except for the day with the Russian realtor. Actual quote: “In Mother Russia, apartment hunts you!” (No, I’m serious, he actually said that).

Jobs … Again

I want to reiterate for the sake of  God’s twisted sense of irony or whatever that I am thankful I have a job that offers as many benefits as mine does. Hell, I am just thankful to have a job! However, when I started in my office 3 years ago, never did I think I would still be here by 2010. It’s not for lack of trying. Both Tom and myself have attempted to move on to jobs in more interesting fields, but it just isn’t happening. Boring job notwithstanding, we know many people out there who have perfectly fine college degrees  – in English, Design, Business, etc – that have found themselves working retail in clothing stores or as tellers in banks. It’s fortunate that they were able to find a job, as there are a lot of people out there that are worse off than simply not finding a job in their field. Still, it’s a shame how many people are being forced out of what they love due to circumstance.

The Weather

Everyone knows that the weather in New England is unpredictable. If you wake up and it’s sunny out, carry an umbrella anyway. Everyone that lives here permanently leaves a shovel and ice scraper in their car. However, there are trends. For instance, November can be counted on to be colder than, say, September. June is hot. This year? No, this year, everything went nuts. November was warm enough for sweatshirts, September had freezing days, and June was a month for pants and umbrellas the whole way through. It wasn’t even warm enough to go to a beach until August. Fuck. That. Here’s hoping 2010 evens out a bit more.

And this has been 2009. We welcome what may come in 2010!

ZSN’s Future Predictions for the Future 2010


  • Blunts rolled in 20’s.
  • A few new authors introduced.
  • SocioWeen V.
  • Iron Man 2!

Pink Sock

  • America runs out of money.
  • Will Smith cast as Captain America.
  • I bet our jobs are exactly the same.
  • Our Muslim, terrorist President will institute Death Panels and have all our elderly murdered!
  • t(‘. ‘ t)

Have a happy new decade everyone!

Now, let us know: What was the best and the worst parts of 2009 for you? Did you get a new job? Get fired? Get laid? Or maybe you just spent the whole year happy as a clam? We’d love to know!


Thanks for reading through the best and the worst of 2009! Why not take a look at previous years awards!

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  1. Chatter by Travis on 01/5/2010 @ 9:16 pm

    Speedbowl: Trip to Seattle to visit the long-lost Hippy as well as drink mad beers and watch HP bust his knee.

    Pink Sock: Politics, Shoddy companies, Flat tires.

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