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Posted by HP on February 3, 2010

I know, you haven’t heard from us in a while. I don’t like that we just abandoned the site, but it looks like ZSN may be taking a bit of an unscheduled break. Tom and I have been doing this for over three and a half years without missing a single update, but right now our focuses are shifting elsewhere. I started ZSN in 2005 as my personal journal – slice of life postings with a bit of a twist to them. Over time it evolved into humor articles or observations we have made over the course of the week. Somehow, ZSN even began offering real advise that people could use! Outrageous, I know.

As per past ZSN tradition, I am going to use this post to tell you about what is going on in our lives, simply for the sake of closure.

Tom Writes On

Tom has been mostly absent from ZSN in the last few months, though he poped in from time to time to give us networking or dating advice. During the month of November, Tom was enveloped in NaNoWriMo. He completed the challenge of writing 50,000 words by the end of the month yet again. I’m not sure if this is the 2nd or 3rd  time he has successfully completed this hefty goal. As a bonus, it appears as if Tom has connected with a group of like-minded aspiring writers, who he continues to meet up with on a weekly basis. As per his current career, Tom is still working for the library, though he has made attempts to find a new job. I haven’t heard much about that in a few weeks, so I am not sure how that is going. I assume dreary, as jobs searches often are.

On occasion Tom still updates his personal blog Time With Tom with musings and photos.

HP Does a Thing

I have not done a thing, I was lying.

I have become complacent since my knee surgery in December. Apparently sitting in your apartment unable to leave for 10 straight days really does wonders to wreck your productivity. Not to mention your social drive. I’m trying to make up for months of forced lethargy by jumping into a hectic schedule. A few weekends ago I began breaking my growing antisocial tendencies by traveling all over New England with my buddies from college – the fabled Mighty 4.

The next step was to stop being lazy, so last week brought on a few changes and a couple of challenges! My job has picked up, so I have maybe about 3 days of solid work before I am left searching Facebook for entertainment. I began going to the gym again (and I hope that by posting this on the internet, someone will hold me to it). I have started two classes; one about Multimedia on the internet so I can finally learn Flash, the other a History of Photography, so I can finally sleep on Thursday evenings. I’m taking on some pro bono website work, just to have a chance to make something again.

If you were wondering where to find me online, I am constantly tweeting about my junk on Twitter.

In Closing

We have learned and evolved, grown and adapted to the times around us, and I think it is fair time that we take a break to see where our next step will be. Maybe we’ll solicit some new authors and begin a new era for ZSN? Maybe we’ll close down forever. Who knows.

During our downtime, please take a look at some of the posts that were popular among our friends and helped shape the site as it is today:

  • WereTard – Back in 2005 I ponder if I am legally retarded or not.
  • Dr. Love’s Dating Guides – Dr. Love offered advice and vice for those looking to date.
  • The InnSeason Scandal – This post is actually referenced from time to time online. InnSeason still calls folks trying to push it’s time shares. A shameful thing.
  • The ZSN Drink Spectaculars – all three have been fan favorites for some time. People still dream of attending Round 4.
  • The City Guides – Tom often took time out of his busy schedule to share wisdom about moving to, living in, and enjoying the Big Cityâ„¢.
  • Cooking with Wilber – Our favorite puppet chef doing what he does best. Another fan favorite.
  • Inane Vernacular – Basically the chatlog posts. They were basically filler, but people always reacted positively to them. Go figure!
  • Bustin’ Makes Me Feel Good – My loveletter to the Ghostbusters, which pulled in about 2k hits in one weekend alone.

Until next time, kids.

RIP Glen “Taco” Bell,

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