Turtles Forever

Posted by HP on November 20, 2009

Many of us grew up watching the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Many, many, many of us. 1984 must have been a great year for creative properties, as it not only marks the 25th anniversary of myself and Ghostbusters, but of the the Ninja Turtles as well! I’m not going to get into a major history less about the Turtles. Just know this: they started as a comic book that riffed on the superhero Daredevil and Frank Miller’s gritty tales. Then they got a cartoon that we all watched every day after school. The Turtles got a few live action movies and then disappeared for a while. In the early 2000s they got a new cartoon series and a new movie.

Now they are getting both! At the same time! Turtles Forever is the story of the TMNT as they travel across the multiverse and meet up with alternate versions of themselves. Here’s the trailer:

Here is a little bit of footage from the show. I love how campy the 80s Turtle Universe is.

Turtles Forever is being aired on TV on some channel on November 21. I’ll keep my eyes open, because this might be a fun watch!

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  1. Chatter by Mike on 11/24/2009 @ 12:03 pm

    Heheh, I like how the newer Turtles are confused at how retarded the old Turtles are.

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