The Last Post on the Internet

Posted by HP on September 8, 2010

I suppose the title of this post isn’t quite true. This may not be the last post on the internet, however it is the last post on this website. The authors of ZSN have moved on to new adventures and new websites, such as Time with Tom and HyphenSite. had a good 5 year […]

Nine Years of ZSN

Posted by HP on May 17, 2010

This very well may be the final post on Zero Shared Nickels. I just wanted to say a few words and thank the lot of you for your support. Be sure to check out the back catalog of posts over to the right, because there’s a lotta great stuff in there.

A Freudian Look At the Super Mario Brothers

Posted by HP on May 10, 2010

I am considered an expert on Nintendo and Nintendo based trivia. I have beaten every Mario game, from Super Mario Bros to Mario & Luigi 2: Partners in Time. I am also considered an amateur expert in psychology – I once took a psychology class as a requirement in college back in 2003 or 2004. This makes me beyond qualified to metaphorically dissect and literally over-analyze the Super Mario Brothers.

The Mustache Ride to Heaven

Posted by Tom on May 3, 2010

Anybody who has ever used the Internet knows that it is loaded with spam, that most hated of viral e-mails. They’re full of crazy scams – sometimes to infect your computer, sometimes to take your money from you. I realize this may come as a shock to many of you out there in Internet Reader Land (“Home of the Fighting Low IQ Points!â„¢”), but before the ‘net, people got junk mail and scams through the regular mail (shock!).

I am the Owner of a Horse Head Lamp

Posted by HP on April 24, 2010

When I graduated from college a few years ago, I did not have many possessions. I owned a small television and a few game consoles. I owned my PC and a 25lb monitor. I also owned a rickety twin bed, but little else in the way of furnishing. It was late ’06 when Tom and I moved out to Chelsea, MA. To congratulate me on my first bachelor pad, my cousin Neil gave me a gift. Back when he was starting out as a bachelor he was given a lamp. A very special lamp. And now he is passing this very special lamp down to me. It is a Horse Head lamp.

These Daydreams of Mine

Posted by HP on April 19, 2010

It is 1:00 – lunch time. I turn off the fan I leave on my desk and grab my essentials; a sandwich, my mp3 player, my cellphone. If I were any more on autopilot right now my brain would have literally vacated my skull, leaving behind a little sign that reads “On Holiday,” in bold Papyrus.

Walter B. Raggy Chronicles the 419 Scandal

Posted by HP on April 13, 2010

It was on February 27th, 2006 that I would receive an email correspondence from a kindly Nigerian man named Donald Peters. Times were far simple back then, as I was just a senior in college, awaiting to be released into that big, bad world. When I saw Donald’s email my young and still exuberant eyes widened! Could it be? One of God’s Creatures was asking me for help? How could I say no? I couldn’t, that’s how! I drafted an email to Mr. Donald Peters that would affirm his faith in Mankind.

In Defense of Michael Bay

Posted by Tom on April 6, 2010

(I assume Tom had intended this to be posted in June 2009.) So it’s finally June. Here at ZSN, that means adding ice to the Scotches that are older than us, and switching from snow boots to sandals (sneakers are okay, but only if there will be sneaking involved). It also means that we’re entering […]

ZineCon Fair 2009

Posted by HP on March 29, 2010

I was walking past the Convention Center over by Mass Ave and I noticed a sign in front of it. It read:
“Boston 6th Annual ZineCon Fest.
At Kinkos, turn left at Hynes Convention Center (walk approx. 230 feet.)”


Posted by HP on March 22, 2010

After I see a movie, I have a tradition of going to IMDb and looking for any neat trivia about what I just saw. I try to stick to the trivia itself, because if you venture too far down on the page you will find the IMDb message boards. The IMDb message boards are a vast waste land. Want to see what I mean?

Cooking with Wilber: Pizza Muffins!

Posted by HP on March 15, 2010

This week our petulant hero, Chef Wilber, teaches you (everyone) how to make an instant, lovable classic – Pizza Muffins! A meal that is a fan favorite, worth killing your mother over, and very delicious. Video after the link!